TV producer in trouble: Serious health problems interrupted investigative television production

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<strong>TV producer in trouble:
Serious health problems interrupted investigative television production
New York City / London/ 10, 2008 (intle). An independent and investigative television production about the Nazi threats and terrorism  got interrupted on Saturday, November 8, 2008  in an Eastern city of former Eastern Germany after the independent journalist, broadcasting journalist, author of several books and television producer got by surprise  and unexpected suddenly sick within hours. The founder and director of IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty and director, Andreas Klamm, which has published on October 28, 2008 his third book in the year 2008 “Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters”, ISBN (-10): 3837072436 ISBN (-13): 978-3837072433 got for unknown reasons within a couple of hours this sick that he had to seek for medical care in a hospital although he has no health insurance. The television producer had to spend the night in a local hospital in Eastern Germany. The international news center has today confirmed  the information about the sad incident. </strong>
Andreas Klamm has said: „To those which have told me already in the past that perhaps not all accidents which I have been involved in the past are actually accidents should know that after I have suddenly suffered serious health related problems that suddenly and unexpected I have suffered from unusual though headache, fever and I had to vomit several times. At this time I see nothing which could bring anyone to the conclusion that this was not a sudden disease which for unknown reason has happened.  It was a scary thing and I felt quite weak almost close to the point not to survive this incident and I am sorry that the television production got interrupted. I give highly very SPECIAL THANKS to the doctors and the nurses of the local hospital which helped me to go through this strange sudden disease and crisis. Our viewers and observers which are concerned about these things should know that I have been diagnosed by my former doctor in the year 2003 with possible cancer. The information about possible cancer has been not confirmed because after paying for 22 years the health insurance in Germany and after my former physician had made this concern about my health situation I have got kicked out of the German health insurance. This had caused the problem that since five years in Germany no more blood tests have been taken after several tests which have been leading to the conclusion that there may have taken place some serious health problems. On October 19, 2007 I have been asking the U.S. Department for Justice already for the change of my citizenship according to Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights, United Nations and my hope is still there that this request under special circumstances will be heard. The United States of America is known as the defender of democracy and therefore I believe the USA will help those which are working hard for democracy.”
For security reasons no other information will be published at this moment. Some incidents have caused almost prior the television production that the entire television production was in the danger to fail or to be jeopardized.
Andreas Klamm gave thanks to his viewers and has said also: “For those which do believe our television production  and coverage with a victim of several attempts of assassination and union worker got now again jeopardized and destroyed I do have some real good news for you. Some people which know me know that I have been forced to release some 911 prayers and I did and I am thankful that my prayers have been heard otherwise I would be not able anymore to make this public statement. Because I am waxen poor and do have no money and by grace I had to leave the hospital real quick after receiving some medical treatment and pain relief medication and I have been working hard already on Sunday morning and afternoon on November 9, 2008, although I have felt still weak. With the union worker, communist and victim of several attempted assassination I had the wonderful chance to meet. The interview was quite a challenge. We had almost four hour a good conversation and have been able to produce a two hour extended special television production about his activities and he had many things to tell our viewers. Certainly I do believe every one which supports the freedom of the press, the freedom of speech, liberty, democracy and peace will like this television production which will be aired soon on IBS Television Liberty and other TV stations.  Please understand that at this time I am not able to release further information for security reasons. As soon as the television production will be released our international news desk in London and co-workers in New York City will release some more information. For those which are concerned about my health situation. Please, if you want to do something real good for me, than continue to pray for me before the Holy God of Israel and the Lord our God and if you want to you can make a donation or send me a Kosher gift basket to our editorial office in Germany. You should know that I have prayed a lot before the television production has taken place and that only under prayer I went to the certain locations to produce this interview on our educational television program. If you want to pray for something good, than please continue to pray that I will find some relief in New York City next year  in 2009. As you know the 44th President of the United States of America, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, has got elected on November 4, 2008 and there is a lot of hope that the first Afro-American President will take a public stand for the human rights and grant them to those which seek them.
For those which are seriously concerned about some health problems of mine  I am planning to go to a good Jewish hospital in New York City next year and I will ask the doctors to take some blood tests. Please understand  although in 2000 and 2007 a co-producer and me have received several threats I have to continue to work even in cases if some serious dangers might apply. The respect for truth and for the right of the public to truth is the first duty of the journalist, actually of all journalists. Have Hans and Sophie Scholl be scared about the dangers taking with their leaflets a public stand against war and the mass murder of our Jewish brothers and sisters and all of those other 10 million victims during the years in 1933 to 1945?  There is not this much time left to fool or play around or to hide the truth. We have to publish a part of the truth so far as we have a chance to do so. However I can not allow it going to happen that some people which threaten us will stop the freedom of the press,  freedom of speech, liberty, peace and democracy.
Therefore I give very SPECICAL THANKS unto the Lord our God and to all of those which do pray for my co-producers and me. I am very thankful for the goodness of the Lord of our God and you can be certain that even while feeling so close to death as on Saturday I have been able to sense the protective strength and healing power of the Lord our God. Therefore continue please to pray for us and that we will be able to share with you an important part of the truth and very interesting information which you will not find on the mainstream media. Not all German citizens are Nazis and I am very thankful for this. It is sad that there are some forces in the country of Germany which are with no doubt very dangerous and the rising threats of anti-Semistism and some kind of the Nazi movement is a danger to many of us. It is a danger to all of those which love liberty, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, democracy, peace and justice.
But there are precious people which are taking quite a lot of personal risks in extra-ordinary times to take a stand against these threats and I am very thankful for the grace that on this weekend I had the chance to conduct the interview after some hours of health related interruption of our television production on the educational television program of about two hours with some  precious people and heroes in extra-ordinary times. One of them mentioned during the interview: “The only one chance which we do have is to educate people and to share the truth…” and I do believe this man is right in this case. Certainly I will call now for back up and support to all of our international supporters and observers. As I have mentioned already several times in the past weeks I am by no means planning to die or to be buried in Germany and I am planning to travel next year in 2009 to New York City. If I have to die once in some years I want to be buried in the United States of America. Some people know that I have made vows before the LORD our GOD actually also before the Holy God of Israel.
As I have mentioned earlier this month already: Many of us should work for the freedom of the press, the freedom of journalists, for democracy, for liberty, peace and justice. These precious values do require that many of us will work together for something good. It is not only a gift which we have received in 1948 we have to work and have to be engaged for the good things. In many cases it requires the hard labor of many people. In some cases we even have to defend the good things as we can not allow it going to happen that modern countries of democracy will suffer from dictatorship and tyranny again as in the years from 1933 to 1945.
Watch and pray, THANK YOU to all of those which will continue to pray for us. Please continue to pray for some relief for me in New York City and that I will be able to go to a good Jewish hospital in New York City in 2009 where I feel comfortable.
While feeling still a little weak I am preparing already to travel to the next locations to conduct more interviews even with so called controversial journalists and people which could be called with no doubt heroes in extra-ordinary times. More information will be released as soon as the television production will be aired.  Thank you !”

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