Crisis In Libya: Fighter Jets May Be Used Against Protesters

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Crisis In Libya: Fighter Jets May Be Used Against Protesters
About 240 people killed – War Zone in Libya – Horrible massacre ongoing
By Andreas Klamm – Sabaot
Tripoli / Libya. February 21, 2011. The crisis in Libya which started about seven days ago is getting worse. According to eye witness reports Hundreds of people in Libya might have been killed in Libya in the cities of Benghazi and Tripoli. People from Libya are calling for international intervention such as the engagement of U.N. Peace Keeping Troops which could be deployed to Libya. The protesters demand the old regime to step down, freedom of expression, human dignity and human rights. As the internet services and phone services have been cut and shut down in Libya only few information is available on the current situation in Libya. Two high rank officers of the Air Force of Libya have confirmed the reports, that the Government of Libya is using Fighter Jets against the protesters in Tripoli and Benghazi. These reports are not confirmed independently as communication with eye witnesses in Libya is almost impossible.

Two high rank officer of the Air Force of Libya have fled to Malta and are seeking political asylum in Malta. The have refused according to not officially confirmed reports to use lethal force against their own fellow citizens as they protest in the streets of many different cities in Libya.
According to eye witness reports foreign forces are using gun fire with automatic machine guns to kill protesters in different areas in the country of Libya.

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