After being arrested back on TV: Independent journalist Amy Goodman is defending democracy in America

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After being arrested back on TV:
Independent journalist Amy Goodman is defending democracy in America

By Andreas Klamm, journalist and news correspondent

New York City/Washington, D.C./ London. Many people in the the entire world is paying attention on the situation which happened to independent journalists and the host of Democracy Now!, Mrs. Amy Goodman, while covering the events associated the the Republican National Convention (RNC).
Independent journalists, including famous broadcasting host Amy Goodman have got arrested. Associated Press photographer Matt Rourke, Democracy Now! anchor Amy Goodman and her two colleagues Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar got arrested as we have learned and have been later released.

This follows, according to FREE PRESS, the arrest of an ABC News producer at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.
Amy Goodman can been seen on an independent media network in association with 700 station in the United States of America.
Free Press, the national, nonpartisan media reform group, called on St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and local law enforcement officials to drop all charges against all journalists arrested while covering protests outside the Republican National Convention.
Josh Silver, executive director of Free Press, made the following statement:
„We condemn the arrest and harassment of journalists before and during the Republican National Convention. We call on the mayor, district attorney and police chief to rein in the overly aggressive — and even violent — tactics of law enforcement. Arresting and detaining journalists for doing their jobs is a gross violation of free speech and freedom of the press. We call for the immediate release of any journalists being held in the Twin Cities and for all charges to be dropped immediately. Reporting by independent journalists is the only way for the American public to learn the full story, and they must be free to do their jobs without intimidation.“
More information and the petitions can be found on:—stand-up-for-democracy
Free Press campaign
Committee To Protect Journalists
In August 2008 shooting by Neo-Nazis have taken place on the office a famous German journalist and politician from the left wing party “Die Linke”. All are happy that no one of the people working in the office got injured because of the shootings which have taken place in the German city of Dortmund.
Information and petition: .

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