Understanding could be a step towards peace: Islam is known worldwide as the religion of PEACE

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Peace demonstrators expressed their feelings about the torture of „FREE expression of thoughts: Jesus Christ is the SLAVE of ALLAH.“ It does hurt many brothers and sisters of the religion of Islam and Peace if people in the world do believe something different. The followers of the „free expression of thoughts and free speech will go to hell.“, peace demonstrators in London, United Kingdom do believe. Photo: DigiIns

Understanding could be a step towards peace: Islam is known worldwide as the religion of PEACE

By Andreas Klamm
Washington, D.C. / New York City. Islam is worldwide known as the religion of PEACE. So called Christian believers should be aware of the situation people which worship the religion of ISLAM which is certainly known as the „RELIGION of PEACE“ throughout the entire world, that it will not bring peace to call the people which do practice the religion of Peace as known the Islam „Jihad extremists“. These things will escalate and the bloody circle of violence will continue. Some believers of the religion of the Islam, not all of them, do believe that there is a “Jihad”, meaning a HOLY WAR, to defend the religion of Islam against the invasion of the “infidels”, meaning the “non-believers” which do refuse to worship ALLAH.

Many Muslim people have been oppressed for many years and therefore people should try to understand that faithful women and men of the religion of Islam and Peace are trying to defend their faith only and do not want to be oppressed by any kind of Christian propaganda.
If Christian believers travel to the Islam world or to countries where the religion of Islam reigns, they should keep in mind that many Muslim people do believe „that Jesus is the slave of ALLAH.“ This might be difficult to understand for those which do call themselves Christian believers. However may these people could follow the simple conclusion, that if many people which are Muslim do truly believe that „Jesus is the slave of ALLAH“, this leads to the fact that actually all Christian believers are „the slaves of Allah“, too in the belief system of some believers in the religion of the Islam.
People in countries where the peaceful religion of Islam reigns think totally different than people which do come from countries with a WESTERN background.
Therefore Christian believers might keep their faith but in Muslim countries they should for their own safety try to understand that spreading Christian propaganda is accounted as a crime which leads to the death penalty. These things are parts of the laws in countries where the religion of the Islam reigns.
Christian believers should try to understand that faith and belief can not be achieved by force. Many Christians like to spread the word about their faith. They should be aware of the danger that it is accounted as “Christian propaganda” in the countries of the Islam.

What could be very important is to try to understand the different views, faiths, beliefs and the totally different thinking of people which do live in Islamic countries. Understanding of the totally different thinking of people in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Morocco and Afghanistan could lead perhaps to a step towards peace. People from the WESTERN world should not expect that people from these countries are able to think like people which have grown up in the WESTERN civilization. People in Islamic countries have been raised under the religion of Islam for their entire life and it is a scared area. Some people which have been raised under totally different conditions do not even know what the terms “free speech” or „free expression of thoughts“ stands for. If people of the Muslim faith do kill Christian believers for the “crime of spreading Christian propaganda” many of them do believe they kill these “Christian criminals” as a service for ALLAH, meaning GOD, as translated in the Western world.”
As some people have explained me during my research, only some of people of the religion of the Islam believe that Jesus Christ was a prophet like the Prophet Muhammad , while others do believe that “Jesus is the slave of ALLAH.”
What most of the Christian believers do not understand is, that Muhammad is the central human figure of the religion of the Islam and is regarded by Muslims as the messenger and prophet of God or Allah.
If Christian believers claim that “Jesus is the messenger of God” this causes certainly a conflict and leads to bloody circles of violence and war.
The people in these countries think totally different. In London I did a special research and while doing these special research I have noticed that you can talk with people which call themselves Muslim almost about any issue, but starting to talk about Christianity could easily lead to serious conflicts, threats or even to wars because the brothers and sisters of the faith of Islam treat this as a serious violation against their faith and beliefs.
In some Muslim countries and societies Christian believers by the way are not accounted as human beings, but as “infidels” or “non-believers”, which do refuse to worship ALLAH, which have according to the law given by ALLAH to be killed.
In certain other regions where the religion of Islam reigns Christians are not accounted as human being but as pigs only and therefore Christian believers should by no means expect to have the right to live. This applies only to certain regions where the religion of the Islams reigns and applies not to all Muslim believers. This might be a quite radical view or practice to worship ALLAH. Believers of other faiths and beliefs should consider not to travel to these communities or countries for reason of their own safety.
If all of us are trying to understand these different views, faiths and beliefs we may better understand what the physics Albert Einstein has said already many years ago: “A man’s ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.
In London I did not only a research on the faith and belief of the religion of the Islam. Jewish brothers and sisters have explained me that mentioning even the name „Jesus Christ“ is accounted as a crime and violation against the Jewish faith and it is strictly forbidden for brothers and sisters of the Jewish household of faith even to speak out the name of such a „prophet.“ When I have heard this statement I was first shocked, because in Germany it is a quite normal thing to speak openly about the “prophet” Jesus Christ, the Roman-Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant church and even about other religions and churches or faith based congregations of many different kind.
This is NOT the case in the religion of the Islam and in the religion of the Jewish faith. As Jewish believers have explained to me it is in some cases strictly FORBIDDEN even to mention the name of the “prophet”, which these believers do not know and they do not want to hear the name of the “prophet”. Jewish believers have explained to me that they do believe that there is a Messiah and some of the Jewish believers are waiting for the Messiah to come.
It is a different world with different views, faith and beliefs and the difficult part of understanding such things for us which have been raised in the WESTERN world is trying to understand these different views, faiths and beliefs. Most of us are not used to such things and it requires to be open minded and to be open for an inter-faith and inter-religious dialogue. This could be achieved by questioning, by listening to other people and also by understanding. As I have learned during some conversations with people with other faiths and beliefs best thing you can do is not to talk about religion, faith or belief and it does matter which one at all.
Even Christian believers have confirmed during my inter-faith and inter-religious research in the United Kingdom that “religion can not save a man or a woman” according to their understanding of their faith and belief. It is faith and belief which “could save a man or woman” according to the statement of some Christian believers “but by no means religion or traditions of men.”
Some people from India have explained me that in the country of India more then 200 different Gods and Goddesses are known and it will require perhaps many years to get some little knowledge about all the different kind of these Gods and Goddesses.
Even in the country of Germany are known other gods, such as the god Bachus. BACHUS or BACUS is a Lydian name for Dionysus, the Thracian fertility god. A son of Jupiter, he later became the god of wine. There are many other gods which are known in Germany and in the former Holy Roman Empire.
In the family tree of the Greek gods and goddesses are known many different kind of god and goddesses. There do exist gods and goddesses of so many different kind that in some cases it seems to be difficult to count all of them or it requires some time to count them.
Calling people which try to defend their beliefs and faith „Jihad extremists“ will not lead to peace but to even more bloody circles of violence and war.


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